Squadron 's pilots were given twelve DFCs three DSOs, one DFM plus one Note in Dispatches because of their World War support with all the product. 21 pilots were shot along, and sixty four were murdered in action or died on effective service, 58 were harmed in action or harmed in injuries, three were shot down but evaded capture and delivered to the Great Britain and turned Prisoners of Struggle. The average age of a guy who died inservice during World War II with 41 Sqn was 23½.

Preferably, a mission record would have been developed within 45 minutes of 'engines off'. Smaller " oxygen -lightweight" RICs were likewise utilized during offbase deployments. Because of this of the potential, the Squadron hasbeen associated with quite a few conflicts within the last 20 years.

s and Tornados, and its 90th Anniversary was celebrated by the Squadron that year. It remained inside the position of FJWOEU through that moment assessment numerous guns and protection devices that were subsequently implemented by British forces around the front line at different locations around the world, until 2010. 41 Squadron is WWII time EB rules have already been taken onto three of these new plane.

Over the following years, there was a proper decision made to transform the function of the Phantoms to an interceptor from a fighter. This change, however, created consternation as it was believed her position should be maintained by the squadron being a fighter and ground-attack product. Subsequently, it had been solved to disband 41 Squadron and re form it elsewhere allow it to do this.

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