I am completely a nobody and that can be taken by you for your damaged lender. I experience the freedom of my mind! I'm an old graybeard and have read one thousand textbooks --I was cast out from the 20Th-Century for chastising reduced minds, indifferent minds.

It is thus vivid and amazing that I can observe clearly what I really could not see before.I really hope this will entice nasty diatribes (Webster: unhealthy and violent articles) against me and my blanket condemnation of Adam Smith's hazardous book. That can mean that my phrases here have already been read and considered.

In transforming greed to virtue Smith has established an economic system that more properly continues to be named " Darwinism ". Quite simply, in accordance with Johnson, it is completely pure for your meanest, strongest, many brilliant persons to eat up so much capital that the good most individuals are left with crumbs.The weakest of us "deserve" to become weak, according to Smith.

Capitalism thus can be a sin, no adequate economic climate. Provided that there is a middleclass nothing catastrophic should occur to the community embracing this crime. But today the middleclass is melting in the USA (since it has in-all powers), leaving just the few things at the top and everyone in poverty.

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